Peryourhealth Pay Medical Bill Online

Peryourhealth is an online way through which you can actually access your account anytime anywhere. With the account, you can pay your bills, check your statements, request balance transfers and much more. The portal also provides the facility to notify you of all the important information through account alerts. You will have to activate your account alert to receive a notification whenever your payment is coming due, whenever the amount credited/debited etc. To login to your account, you must have entered the account number and password.


This online payment method is very easy and efficient as compared to manual payment. You can avoid standing in long queues. All you have to do is just log on to the PerYourHealth site and then easily pay bills online in a few minutes. Below, we have provided a detailed login guide with payment processing. Check PerYourHealth’s requirements and login instructions in detail.

Online Bill Payment at Peryourhealth Portal

  • Visit the official website as we mentioned above
  • Now user need to keep their medical bill handy if they are using this portal for the first time
  • Now enter your registration ID in the box and click on the continue button
  • After that enter your password
  • You will be reached to the official dashboard of your profile
  • To pay the bill, select the bill payment option
  • Enter your bill ID
  • Once you enter the bill ID, you will receive your bill detail exactly as your physical bill
  • Make sure to check the detail of the bill and amount
  • Now click on the pay button
  • Enter the amount you want to pay using peryourhealth, the amount needs to be same as its mentioned in the bill
  • Click on the pay now and you will be redirected to the payment page
  • Now check the detail of your credit card, if you wish to pay with another credit card, add their detail
  • After that, you will be on the next page with the confirmation, press I agree
  • Once you complete the transaction, you will have a bill payment receipt which can be printed
  • You will also receive a mail from peryourhealth with your bill payment receipts
  • If you are a first time, the user make sure to register on the portal for ease of bill payment


  • You can pay your medical bill directly online with this portal
  • Peryourhealth is a safe and secure portal to make a monetary transaction.
  • Users can get notification from the portal for their due bills and successful transaction of payment.
  • On Peryourhealth, you can check your past transection and medical bill history as well.
  • Rather than waiting in line and limited availability of the pharmacy timing, on Peryourhealth, you can pay your bills at any time.
  • Once the user registers with the portal, they can access their medical bill with ease in a quicker way.
  • Peryourhealth is much faster than any other online portal in bill payment.

Netflix Podcasts New Podcast Picks Best Series

Netflix Podcasts New Podcast Picks Best Series

Netflix is ​​one of the most used video platforms in the world and in which we find thousands of series and movies to watch on numerous devices, but the company is considering further.

Netflix Podcasts

Netflix has a new idea with which to bring its content to devices without a screen. As has been discovered in the latest beta of their application, they are testing an “audio-only” mode to listen to their movies and series.

This discovery is present in version 7.79.1 of the Netflix app for Android, and they have found it on XDA. At the moment it is only a test, but it seems that Netflix is ​​working on it.

Does an Audio Mode Make sense on Netflix?

In theory, this “audio-only” mode of Netflix would allow us to listen to series and movies without having to see a screen, similar to a podcast or radio program. We could play the content with the mobile screen off saving data by not having to load the video.

It is true that this genre is gaining a lot of popularity, but it is not clear that you can follow the plot of a series or movie if you eliminate the visual content. We would lack a lot of information.

Of course, if Netflix creates special content for this new mode, we could soon enjoy Netflix when we are in the car, taking a walk or in other situations where we cannot look at a screen.

There is no clear date to see this feature come true, nor do we know if it will be compatible with all Netflix content. At the moment it is only a test and it could be left alone in that.

The Best Running Watches 2020

The Best Running Watches 2020

The smartwatch and SmartBand have been gaining increasing popularity in Spain, mainly by practicality, comfort and solutions they offer to their users.

Best Running Watches

In fact, taking sales figures from the first quarter of 2020, total growth of 20% in smart watches is estimated for this year worldwide. Many people have been acquiring them in recent months as a way to control their health and combat a sedentary lifestyle, as well as being a very appropriate solution for runners. In fact, in the case of Spain, at the end of 2019, it ranked seventh among the countries with the highest penetration of wearables in the world.

If you are part of this group that is taking advantage of the benefits of these devices to do sports or you want to know how to find the best smartwatch or the best smart band for you, keep the following considerations in mind.

Main differences between Smartwatch and Smart band

While the main similarity is that both devices are worn around your wrist, there are some differences that every runner should be aware of: the smartwatch generally tends to have a larger screen. With it, you can see notifications and messages from applications and some will even allow you to answer calls without having to take out your phone.

In addition, most offer sports monitoring options, calories burned, heart rate, hours of sleep, distance travelled, etc., and all this data will be synchronized with the rest of your devices. The most advanced include an app store from which to download, among others, fitness applications, music, maps, screen designs or even games. The price is usually higher.

The smartband, for its part, is smaller and is aimed at monitoring health and sports aspects, just like a smartwatch would, but without the possibility of installing apps. Many allow you to review the phone notifications, but it is true that the functionalities are more restricted as the processing capacity is somewhat more limited. It will also sync sports data with other devices. Being more compact and having better autonomy, they are more suitable for certain sports activities. The price is usually lower.

Characteristics that a wearable must-have for a runner

The wearables represent an excellent opportunity for runners and cyclists, but it is important to know the essential features of these devices so you can use them to the maximum.

Location GPS. Essential to be able to measure the distances travelled and to be able to improve your times, especially if you prefer to leave the phone at home.

Connectivity Normally they use Bluetooth, to be able to synchronize the data with the phone, but the more advanced ones also connect to the network of your mobile operator, allowing you to free yourself from your phone and stay connected for calls, messages, payments and even listen to your favourite music in streaming.

Screen type. If you are a very busy person and need to be online constantly, a slightly larger screen is recommended.

Battery. The battery of the best smartwatch will hardly last more than 1 or 2 days, while the smartbands have a little more autonomy independence (up to several weeks for some models). In any case, more than enough time for an athlete.

Applications and Operating System. It is important that you choose a wearable that adapts to the operating system you use the most. We recommend an Apple Watch if you are from the Mac community, while a smart device with Wear OS will be ideal if you use Google’s mobile operating system, although there are also others that are perfectly valid to take advantage of all the sports functions.

Monitoring of sports activity. You can consult in detail the most important functionalities in one of the previous post (” eHealth and wearables: The dictionary you expected from A to Z”)

Best alternatives of smartwatches and bracelets for athletes
In you will find the best smartwatches and the best smartbands for you. Find out below which one suits your needs.

Apple Watch Nike Series 4

The Apple Watch Nike Series 4 (GPS + Cellular) is a big favourite. Thanks to its functions, you can play sports without having to be with your phone on top. In addition, its sensors to monitor your movements and health, added to its 18 hours of autonomy, will make your sports life easier.