The Best LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers

The curriculum vitae, on paper or in digital version, is still important to make ourselves known professionally and to apply for a new job, but social networks have an increasingly important weight, especially if we talk about professional networks such as the case of LinkedIn. On LinkedIn we can publish our professional experience and knowledge, connect with co-workers and professionals in our union, and human resources recruiters are more than likely to look for our name, recommendations, etc.

Be that as it may, having a LinkedIn profile is free, it doesn’t take a long time and it will do us more good than harm, whether we are looking for a job or not. Who knows about the opportunities or employment relationships that can arise from a good LinkedIn profile if we take great care in their preparation. Here are some tips for it.

Customize the link

This advice can be extended to your email address, your personal page or your name on social networks. If your name or link is easy to remember, they will be easier to find.

LinkedIn allows you to customize the link that leads to your profile so that by typing and your own name and surname, anyone will see your LinkedIn profile instead of having to search for you in Google or the LinkedIn search engine because the link of your profile consists of a numerical series impossible to remember

As long as the link doesn’t match someone else’s, you can change it by clicking on your profile icon, then going to View Profile, and finally Edit URL and Public Profile. In the Edit your custom URL section, click Edit and write the name to be displayed. Finally, we will click Save.

Image is important

Although what matters about our curriculum vitae is our work experience and our training, an image is usually attached, usually a passport-type, so that the recruiter gets an idea of ​​how we are physical.

That passport-like image is usually of us looking straight ahead, with a minimal smile, well dressed and well-groomed, and with the white background of a uniform light color. It has no more secrets.

On LinkedIn, this is also the case, so that together with the rest of the information on our LinkedIn profile, our image will be seen within a circular frame. In addition, it is possible to add a background image in the style of Twitter and where we can apply a little more creative freedom. A photograph of our city, a simple landscape, an abstract background that looks good aesthetically …

To change your profile photo, click the profile icon, click View Profile, click the profile photo, and then click Add Photo. We can use the camera of the device from which we access LinkedIn or upload it directly. Once uploaded, it is possible to zoom in, place it in the frame and/or rotate it. There are even filters available. Finally, we will click on Save photo.

To change the background image, click on our profile icon, View profile> Edit> Edit presentation> Edit. Once uploaded, we click Apply and then Save. The image must be in JPG, GIF or PNG format, not exceed 8 MB and a recommended resolution of 1584 x 396.

Less is more

Another tip inherited from the curriculum vitae and that also works for your LinkedIn profile. It is clear that we must provide as much information as possible that serves to see how good we are at our job and how well we are going to perform. But at the same time, we must ensure that reading or looking at our LinkedIn profile is fast.

To do this, we must include the information taking advantage of the fields provided by LinkedIn, so that all data is classified, organized and separated. Also, it is preferable to summarize the information as much as possible using short and direct sentences. Lists with points are a good ally.

Adapt to what you are looking for

In relation to the previous point, it is convenient to adapt our LinkedIn profile to what we want to achieve with it. If we only want to have it online so that they can find us, so that they can contact us and/or so that they can see our past experience, we can fill in the profile with all the information we think is necessary.

A separate case would be that we want to choose a specific job. If this situation occurs, it is advisable for the recruiter or whoever visits your LinkedIn profile to find the keywords they are looking for. It is not about lying, it is about highlighting your qualities and personal and professional experiences that are closest to the professional profile to which you aspire.

Take advantage of multimedia resources

Among the advantages of LinkedIn over the traditional resume, the possibility of attaching multimedia content to your LinkedIn profile stands out. For example, you can upload a video where you make yourself known in the first person and/or share a presentation with previous work, etc.

You can attach multimedia content to your LinkedIn profile by editing the profile itself.