Netflix Podcasts New Podcast Picks Best Series

Netflix Podcasts New Podcast Picks Best Series

Netflix is ​​one of the most used video platforms in the world and in which we find thousands of series and movies to watch on numerous devices, but the company is considering further.

Netflix Podcasts

Netflix has a new idea with which to bring its content to devices without a screen. As has been discovered in the latest beta of their application, they are testing an “audio-only” mode to listen to their movies and series.

This discovery is present in version 7.79.1 of the Netflix app for Android, and they have found it on XDA. At the moment it is only a test, but it seems that Netflix is ​​working on it.

Does an Audio Mode Make sense on Netflix?

In theory, this “audio-only” mode of Netflix would allow us to listen to series and movies without having to see a screen, similar to a podcast or radio program. We could play the content with the mobile screen off saving data by not having to load the video.

It is true that this genre is gaining a lot of popularity, but it is not clear that you can follow the plot of a series or movie if you eliminate the visual content. We would lack a lot of information.

Of course, if Netflix creates special content for this new mode, we could soon enjoy Netflix when we are in the car, taking a walk or in other situations where we cannot look at a screen.

There is no clear date to see this feature come true, nor do we know if it will be compatible with all Netflix content. At the moment it is only a test and it could be left alone in that.